Wacom – Disabling hover click function

How to disable Wacom hover click?

First of all I assume people who reads this post knows what hover click is and how it works. Because I’m not going to explain it.

Having right click assigned to pen button is pretty much a standard for every tablet user. Just like a mouse you’d want to be able to “right click” without any hassles. But for some application it pretty much gets to my nerve. Because for me this function turns ZBrush right click navigation into a complete disaster… But superb when it comes to PS.

Simply follow the steps below to disable hover click

  1. Go to Wacom tablet pen properties
  2. Highlight pen icon
  3. Click Option
  4. Under “Side Switch Mode” select “Click & Tap”

Now you can press and hold your pen button to “activate”, then tap on the tablet to “execute”. No more nerve wrecking menu popup or unexpected movements from accidentally pressing the button!!

Note that this feature applies to all tablets, mice, pens and applications. Which means it is global setting and you can’t enable/disable this individually to specific program

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