ZBrush – How to reset material/color?

Whatever the reason you may at some stage want to reset the material/color on your tool. Either you’ve accidentally painted over or have been testing out different materials and colors but now wants to start over.

Patchy material/color shown on lower back

Reseting Material

Before attempting to reset, make sure Layers are deactivated (Not in recording mode). 

  1. Activate MRGB channel & RGB Intensity set too 100% (Under Draw palette).
  2. Select Flat Color Material Shader.
  3. Under Color Palette, select color White & click Fill Object.

Now the vertex contains no color nor material information whatsoever. Simply assign a new material & continue sculpting.

Again, If nothing happens after Fill Object. Check if your layers is activated and in in record mode. If so, deactivate recording and fill object again.

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